Slight Edge Philosophy - How 2 Books Have Changed Millions of Lives

I’ve been an avid reader my entire life, but I have to say there are a couple of books that have completely changed the way I see my life from a practical, day-to-day standpoint.

They are Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect and Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge.  These two books are very similar and both end up trying to make the same point, which I’ve summed up below;

It is the small steps, the little bit extra that you do every day that, compounded consistently over time, makes the difference and stands you apart from everyone else.

It’s easy to think that winning in life comes from big, grandiose events; landing the game winning point in the NBA finals, or doing well at a music performance, getting married to the perfect spouse etc.

And whilst that is true, achieving any of these things will change your life, what most people don’t see is all the work that happened on the back end.

All the extra practice Michael Jordan did on the basketball court with his coach’s months before the match. All the hours Bill Gates spent in his adolescence coding on a computer years before he founded Microsoft and programmed the operating system that changed the world.

What made all these achievers stand out is not just that they worked hard, which all their competitors did, but that they worked just a little bit more than their competitors, every single day, and that difference, that slight edge, compounded over time and became a massive difference.

It taught me to ask myself an important questions every single day.

A question that thousands of people all across the world ask themselves if they want to be successful.

Do you know what it is?

What is everyone else doing? And do one step more!

When I go to the gym, I ask myself what do most people do, or what the average person does, and do one step more!

I ask myself what do most freelance writers do in their writing, and go one step beyond!

How much research do they do? I will do more!

How many words do they write a day? I will do more!

Because if I want to live like most people can't, then I have to do what most people won't.

And I encourage all of you to ask yourselves similar questions as well. What can I do that most of my competition is not? 

If I am a car mechanic with my own shop, then how about I take 15 minutes out of my day and $20 from my wallet to make a hand-written thank you card along with a box of chocolates and leave it in the glove compartment of my client, leaving it as a pleasant surprise?

How many car mechanics are doing that? You'll stand out instantly.

Opportunities are everywhere to apply the slight edge, just be consistent, diligent, and creative in where you apply this thought-process.

Until next time.